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Convert Callable to Runnable

The java.util.concurrent.Executors class has helper methods to convert from a Runnable to a Callable but lacks a counterpart to convert a Callable to a Runnable. This is presumably because a Runnable lacks the ability to throw exceptions or return values.

Both Runnable and Callable are handy interfaces to express lamda-like functionality in Java. Discounting their close relationship to concurrency mechanisms in Java, they both really just represent something that can be called. Choosing between the two, the Callable is more powerful.

The CallableAdapter class will convert from a Callable into a Runnable wrapping any exception as a RuntimeException and discarding any return type. This allows you to write general task code in the form of a Callable without necessarily being hampered if you need to pass in a Runnable to some framework code.

As a concrete example, Java's ScheduledExecutorService class doesn't allow you to schedule a task with a fixed delay or at a fixed rate. The interface takes a Runnable. However, using the adapter you can schedule a Callable at a fixed rate (ignoring the result). The underlying Callable task could then be used elsewhere where the result is actually used.

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