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<T> Condition
Conditions.assertion(T actual, org.hamcrest.Matcher<T> matcher)
          Useful when waiting for an assertion in tests, for example;
static Condition thread, Thread.State state)
static Condition Conditions.isAlive(Thread thread)
static Condition Conditions.isWaiting(Thread thread)
static Condition Conditions.not(Condition condition)
static Condition Conditions.shutdown(ExecutorService service)

Methods in with parameters of type Condition
static void Conditions.assertThat(Condition condition, org.hamcrest.Matcher<Boolean> booleanMatcher)
static void Conditions.assertThat(String message, Condition condition, org.hamcrest.Matcher<Boolean> booleanMatcher)
static Condition Conditions.not(Condition condition)
<T,E extends Exception>
WaitFor.waitOrTimeout(Condition condition, Callable<T,E> onTimeout, Timeout timeout)
static void WaitFor.waitOrTimeout(Condition condition, Timeout timeout)
static void WaitFor.waitOrTimeout(Condition condition, Timeout timeout, Sleeper sleeper)

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